Jesse Heikkila had a brain cancer. During his 7 years of life, he had to face a lot of difficulties, but he never gave up. This 7 years old boy wanted to be a superhero. Also, he wanted to be a police officer. Unfortunately, he was defeated.

Jesse had many goals in life. He was very unusual kid with a brave character.

The Bridgewater Police Department came on his funeral.

 There were officers, his uncle ( he was dressed as Batman for Jesse) and the organist played the Star Wars theme.

All of them vere dissapointed and all of them wanted to give the respect to this improbably strong child.

The people of the whole town were dressed up as the superheroes.

The  Middleborough, Massachusetts, wanted to make Jesse’s funeral  memorable in the honorof this little boy.

This decease is very unpredictable. No one knows how to face it and how to live with it, untill it comes. But Jesse did.

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