A Mexican drug lord’s house was caught and all the truth was revealed.

In fact every house of the typical drug lord will look quite similar to this one.

This is just the one gun of the huge collection.

This is extremely expensive.

Not every museum has got such a big collection.

Looks very good, however, it is bought for the drugs selling.

A grotto with a hot tub could be a great sample of a specific taste.

The exotic animals are not that much interesting as well.

But taking in account that there were 8 lions could be a very persuasive evidence of an extraordinary world view.

White tiger is a very rare creature.

A lot of rare things that were stollen were found inside the house.

 $200 million cash just lying on the floor.


And a lot of guns, of course.

There were millions of cash everywhere.

The rich life ruquires a good protection, but is it worthy?

This story is both exciting and terrible. Human’s life is so fragile. Selling drugs is very disgusting because the most of the consumers are children.


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