The story began from Ali’s lung cancer. The woman was  31 years-old and she used to have a daughter Olivia. Her husband Ben and her daughter have had to face this tragedy. They were in the deep sorrow. Everything reminded them of Ali. The family was working hard at the design of their house. At the present theythey are moving to the another apartment, but Ben decided to do one thing.

The father and daughter made the wedding album again.

They were doing all the same photos together as with Ali.

Ali wanted to take pictures in their new house to start new life there.

They have created a family and Ben wanted to save that spirit of love that his wife had reminded.

His wife was his life and he adored her as much as he could.

The time has come to move along.

They will always love her, but it is time to say goodbye.

Ben and Olivia will alway keep her in their hearts.

Ben used to have a blog where he posted these photos.

Ben was wery upset when he saw the photos:

“…this time I would have a different partner, although one just as beautiful. It was fun and strange and sad and comforting and just about every other emotion you can think of. And, it wasn’t until I drove away that the significance of what we had just done hit me like a ton of bricks. These would be the last memories in that house.”

However, he was happy take this photos he felt a lot of pain and loss.


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