It is hard to imagine how smart the animals can be. An Antelope had faced a great trouble in   Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Than this animal did something very clever and very unexpectable. The kudu,is a kind of large antelope, was being chased by 14 hyenas. They could have easily eaten him, but he decided to move in a right way.

He turned the situation at his own risk.

The kudu was very tired because he was running awy from his enemies for 3 hours.

Than he jmped into the water and the hyenas could not reach him. They were waiting.

The Antelope was really tired and scared.

But his enemies seemed to be ready to eat him with a pleasure.

The situation was very difficult.

He had no choice and used his chance to follow the zebras which were running near that pond.

He ran as fast as he could.

The kudu slipped into the crowd.

Then, safely made it out of the water with them.

This tricky Kudu is very impressive because the males of this animal’s kind are solitary and this action was quite unpredictable.

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