There is a zoo in Indonesia it’s called the Zoo of Death. The Surabaya Zoo is a living nightmare. It is Indonesia’s largest zoo, it is about $1.00 to enter and view the nightmare inside. The lack of basic care, nutrition and proper living conditions makes it’s name.
See the pictures below and make sure that it is really happening.

Approximately 25 animals die a month.


Animals  are starving, especially the tigers.

A lot of them have been emaciated for a long period of time, so, their bodies can not absorb nutrition properly.

The  giraffe died with size of a beach ball plastic in its stomach.

The animals are constantly euthanized due to other health issues.

Just one look can make a person cry.

This zoo should be closed and there is a huge necessity to save all of this inocent creatures.

They receive $5 billion per year for illegal wildlife trade

There was a major online petition to stop the deliberate cruelty in the Surabaya Zoo, receiving over 100,000 signatures. The petition is now closed and a representative from Cee4life is now on their way to Indonesia to deliver this vitally important petition. To stay updated on their progress to save these animals, visit their Facebook page.

This place is disgusting. Help to put a stop to this mad animal cruelty.

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