“Living out of your car” can have a negative connotation, but many people wouldn’t spend their life any other way.  Somehow it seems insane, but there are people all over the country who do it. You may be involved as well once you realize the amazing lives these people can live.

Andrew started driving on a purpose to meet people who used to live like his aunt and uncle. He came to visit them in his hometown of Seattle and down the West coast.

The driver was very impressed realizing just how many people sought this unconventional life. People wanted to live out of their vans, trucks, RVs, and compact cars.

At the time that  he met the van and RV settlers, he understood that it was a quite large community.

He used to be friends with locals for months. Then, he headed out on the road to find more communities.

Many people were on the road just only because they had no choice. They were down on their luck and facing hard times. And others went out on the road for spiritual freedom or individuality.

These communities are devided between those with large, fancy RVs and the people who live in more modest RVs or vehicles.

The RV communities support is overwhelming. There are different meetings on how to modify an RV.

 “Gizmo Joe,” spends his days creating new details and gadgets for RVs from spare parts.

Alot of cities have places where RV dwellers can find a  camp without harassment.

Cars usually introdsuce a good variant to stay.

Being on the road you will realize that the best place to park is a national park or in Wal-Mart or strip mall parking lots.

It is not important what the reason for road living, it’s a separation from ordinary living as most people know it.

This way of life gives people a sense of freedom.

Planning your survival, somehow, is a very real concern.

 The bathroom is also a problem. Travelers usually have to find creative ways to take a shower.

Taking along the domestic comforts can make the RVs more like real home.

The interesting fact is that solar panels and generators help themaccess the Internet and charge electronic devices .

This way of life isn’t for all people, but someone would do nothing else.


Do you think that you will be able to live in your car or an RV? This is very difficult, but it could be a rewarding experience. Home is inside you, or home is nowhere at all.” -Hermann Hesse

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