At the time Brian Fleming met Jackie Eastham, he was very fat, depressed and had an alcoholism. He was distracting himself from his depression by over-eating and drinking . It would have led to his death, but he met Jackie.

He met her using an iPhone Pictionary-like app called Draw Something. Brian never thought that she could save him from such a depressing life.  In 2012, his weight was 625lbs.

He ate fast food every day and drink a fifth of vodka mixed with a liter of pop.

Brian was 30 years old, he left the college and played video games for hours.

This was his life before he met Jackie over a game of Draw Something that everything changed.

Brian told her about his weight, depression and drinking problems.

They started dating and Jackie  inspired him to stop drinking. He lost about 100lbs during the first month.

After some time he began eating a healthy food and exercising every morning.

His girlfriend was all the time with him.

Jackieused to have an extremely healthy lifestyle because of her condition, so she had the experience and wisdom to coach Brian along. Almost a year after they met on Draw Something (and countless online chats and encouragement), Brian lost 400lbs.  New job,  therapy and he was training for his first marathon so that sounds quite cool.

The couple climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower together.Actually that is never too late and no one is ever too far gone to make a change.

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