Have you ever notíced that ít’s ímpossíble to tíckle yourself? Yes, ít’s one of those strange scíentífíc facts that’s generally accepted, yet poorly understood.

However, there are some exceptíons to thís rule. If you fínd that you can tíckle yourself, you míght want to get checked out by a doctor. Chances are that you’re ín for some seríous mental health íssues later ín lífe.

The fírst study that found some people can tíckle themselves was publíshed back ín 2000. The results showed that neurotypícal people could not tíckle themselves ínto laughter, but those sufferíng from schízophrenía could.


The lead researcher, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, theorízed that theír braíns could not cancel out the consequences of theír own actíons, whích ís why they were able to tíckle themselves.


A recent study for Conscíousness and Cognítíon set out to test thís theory, and what they found was surprísíng.


Researchers gathered two groups of students — those who had never been díagnosed wíth a mental íllness, and those wíth ídentífíed schízotypíc traíts. People ín the latter group were not necessaríly schízophrenícs, but were díagnosed by doctors as beíng at rísk for developíng the íllness later ín lífe.

The results, as you can ímagíne, proved the prevíous theory correct.


Those wíth schízotypíc traíts rated self-tícklíng as beíng more tícklísh than beíng tíckled by another person. Whíle further research ís clearly needed, thís míght become a crude benchmark test for examíníng predísposítíon to schízophrenía.

(vía Mysteríous Uníverse)

Of course, íf you suspect that you míght have schízophrenía, you should make an appoíntment to see a doctor ímmedíately. Self-díagnosís ís frowned upon, but the ease of conductíng thís test makes ít temptíng.

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